Biological Study Group

The Biological Study Group is an Austrian conservation association founded in 1978 with the main focus in Styria. Through the purchase of land, they preserve interesting natural landscapes and thus contribute to the protection of the habitat of many endangered plant and animal species in their latitudes. - web site screenshot

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das kinderreich

"das kinderreich" offers clothing for children from 0 to 14 years in the heart of the old town of Innsbruck - with brands that are new in an Innsbruck business. High-quality clothing and accessories for children and young adults from the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Spain at fair prices including expert advice. - web site screenshot

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Kirchenwirt Puch bei Weiz

Directly in the center of Puch, next to the church, is this inn. Away from all the thoroughfares, bordered by orchards and green forests, this traditional family business invites you to relax. - Website Bildschirmfoto

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Le Riche

Sébastien Rath, the well-known chef, formerly of l’Atelier Gourmand in Alès and winner of seventeen medals at the Gard Gourmand competition, is now deploying his talent in a completely revamped Alès institution, Le Riche. - web site screenshot

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German Translation: Michael Tobisch,


The brand name Roundy stands for quality and additional child protection. Roundy SOS wrist band is non-electronic and therefore hardly accicent-sensitive and it is available for a reasonable price. Roundy is useful, ready to fit, eudermic and elastic, it´s splash water resistant and can be used over and over again. - web site screenshot

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Concept: Michael Tobisch,
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