Your Internet presence is an important part of your business strategy - no matter how small your business is.

We help you getting the right sized site - according to your needs and your demands.

Online Shop

You want to sale your products over the Internet?

We help you finding the right strategy.

Hosting and Email

We have the right hosting package for you. Every site is at least secured with an SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt, but according to your needs we can use any authority.

But we can do more:

Default Security Package

The Default Security Package is implemented in everey of our DNN installations and contains:

  • HTTPS-Protocol – using certificates from Let’s Encrypt
  • Secure Cookies
  • HTTP-Only Cookies
  • Prevention of displaying the website in frames of other websites
  • Steps to prevent cross-site scripting
  • Strict use of the encrypted HTTPS protocol (HSTS)
  • Setup of defined pages for HTTP-Errors 404 ("Not Found") and 500 ("Internal Server Error")
  • Activated request validation
  • Secure and publicly hide ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers)
  • Deactivate Excessive Headers
  • Prevent Clickjacking
  • ASP.Net – specific security actions

Extended Security Package

The extended security package contains ongoing measures and can be booked in addition to the hosting package. It contains:

  • Creation and ongoing control of a Content Security Policy
  • Referrer Policy
  • Creation and ongoing control of a Feature Policy
  • Advanced settings to prevent hacker attacks
  • Ongoing updates of security actions with regard to new hacking methods and new security incidents


Every hosting package also includes email accounts and optional web access to your mails.

Intranet | Extranet

Keep your employees up-to-date - with the website in your local network. Support them in their daily work with a professional social intranet solution. DNN allows you to set up a flexible intranet that provides centralized and targeted information on important company matters and makes it easier to quickly search for and find know-how and knowledge.

  • Document management
  • Newsletters
  • Wiki
  • Task Management
  • Information of individual departments, works council, etc.
  • Reachable from outside your company? Staff only...
  • ... and staff on parental leave, vacation,...

According to your ideas and needs!

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