German Speaking ​DNN Usergroup

The German Speaking DNN Usergroup is one of the biggest and most active in the DNN ecosystem. I am not only a simple member but always involved as a speaker and co-organizer in Usergroup meetings, Roadshows and other events.

German Speaking DNN Usergroup Logo

DNN Connect

Since the first meeting of DNN European Professionals (a predecessor of DNN Connect) I have always been involved in this most vibrant community around DNN.

DNN Connect

DNN Community

I am also involved in the worldwide DNN Community Site founded in 2019.

DNN Community


For sharing my passion and real-world experience I got the DNN MVP (Most Valuable Person) award since 2013.


Midi Libre, September 2009


Free DNN modules

Development and progress of former core modules

  • DNN IFrame - a module used for embedding an internal/external URL on your DNN site.
  • DNN-Connect SiteNews - a module to display new and modified content from a web site (was called "What's new?" before...)
  • DNN Survey - a module to create surveys and quizes